Growth + leadership

Dave Werth has 15+ years of experience building, leading and consulting for businesses that range from start-ups, to eight-figures in annual revenue. From working with individuals, to large teams and organizations, Dave applies his philosophy of simplifying every aspect of the business to it’s strongest core attributes, in order to amplify and bring out the best in an individual or organization.

Dave offers growth and leadership strategy coaching to individuals, teams, and large organizations. Strategy sessions with Dave will be customized to help you build and improve your sales, marketing, financial, human resources and future growth systems/strategies... just to name a few.  With weekly sessions and monthly retainer options available , we can design a program that will suit the needs or you and your organization.

Procrastination Is A Thief

February 6, 2023

Procrastination is one of the most common things I see in working with coaching clients. Putting off the things that are uncomfortable or that we don't want to do, are often the things that are the most important in moving the needle forward with our businesses. Here are some thoughts and ideas on how to overcome the procrastination habit.

Better Under Pressure

June 30, 2021

What is your real relationship with stress, procrastination and working under pressure? Are you really more effective?

Money Is The Devil?

May 3, 2021

Let me start by saying, money is not the devil. It is also not the root of all evil, and people that have it are not automatically assholes. Money is a means to which you can fund your life, and fund your passions and dreams.

Lessons From The Redwoods

April 20, 2021

On a recent family trip to the ancient coastal Redwoods in Northern California, I was fortunate enough to experience nature’s unrivaled and raw beauty.


Kyndal G

I highly recommend Dave Werth and his mentoring/ coaching program. I have been working with Dave for over a year and cannot say enough amazing things about him as a coach and as an overall person. My business has more than doubled in the past year and I owe much of my success to Dave Werth.

Jenica M

I’ve had the pleasure of coaching with Dave Werth the past year and a half. After my first year of coaching with Dave, I had 50% growth in my Real Estate business.

Sarah H.

Thank you Dave for your commitment, support and consistency.

John W.

Dave continues to bring great energy, structure, and creativity weekly. I also appreciate his straightforward approach to coaching and his transparency.

Peter H.

He is a professional problem solver and negotiator and an excellent and concise communicator. He enjoys sharing these skills by coaching and mentoring top agents around the country.